About Kaira

Photo Credit: Urbano Mix    Dress: Miles David

Photo Credit: Urbano Mix    Dress: Miles David


About Us

At Kaira, we create unique and valuable pieces using only the highest quality gems and diamonds from around the world. After being hand-selected by our specialists we ensure their color, cut, clarity and symmetry and create matchless designs. 

For the Bridal Collection, we work one-on-one with the couples to co-create the engagement rings and wedding bands of their dreams. 

Due to the exclusivity of our one of a kind line, the collection can be seen by appointment only. 

The Collections

Kaira has two main collections, The Classic Collection and the One of a Kind Collection. 

The Classic Collection consists in every day and night pieces that can also be worn to high-end occasions. These collection will always be available to purchase. 

The One of a Kind Collection offers outstanding designs hand-made with the most unique diamonds and stones in the world. However we will only make one piece of each design. 

Please note: Only a few designs are displayed on the website store. To see the complete collection please make an appointment. 

Quality Standards

All gems and diamonds are selected by our specialists and revised by our GIA Certified Expert. A company certificate is issued to guarantee the distinctive quality of our one of a kind pieces.   

For business inquiries, contact us at info@kairajewelry.com or call us at 832. 649.5679.