The name of the collection tells it all. Each piece is unique, one of its kind, handmade with 18K Gold or Platinum, and the best quality gemstones and diamonds in the world. The beauty of the collection is the uniqueness of the gemstones and the diamonds. 

Why are the pieces one of a kind? Because unique gemstones with good quality like the ones offered in the collection are not easy to find, so when we come across them we design a unique piece that will make the gemstone shine and portray its uniqueness. Also we want to offer our clients exclusivity while purchasing these pieces.This is why they are sold by appointment only. 



Wedding Boutique is the most fun department of Kaira Jewelry. We co-design engagement rings with our soon-to-be-wed couples and create their matching wedding bands. All of our diamonds are colorless, with excellent cut, clarity, and conflict free. GIA Certified diamonds are available if requested. We work with Platinum and 18K Gold only, and most importantly we work with your budget. 

We prefer to meet with the couple in person, however we have done engagement rings for couples from out of town and we make the appointments via web. 

Shop some of our bands online, or make an appointment for special customization! 



What if quality and fashion could merge ? This question inspired our Everyday Collection, which features the best gems and diamonds in the world mounted in matchless designs. Women should not have to settle between fine jewelry vs. fashion jewelry, when there is trendy fine jewelry. So we designed our pieces inspired in the modern trends, using outstanding quality that will last forever.